2024 World Championships – Glasgow, Scotland

Murray Academy – Worlds 2024

We are so happy to have had 18 solo dancers take the stage in Glasgow to represent Team Murray and New England USA at the 52nd World Championships. We were so proud of their many stand out performances over the week, but we are especially proud of their hard work in the lead up! Their positive attitudes and energy throughout the whole process was amazing – such a great group.❤️ Looking forward to keeping the momentum going for NAIDC 2024 in Grapevine, Texas!


5th – Brielle Maguire, Girls 12-13


🏅14th – Maggie Krein, Ladies 20-21
🏅23rd – Rowan Wong, Girls 11-12
🏅24th – Fiona Marino, Girls 17-18
🏅26th – Ava Krueger, Girls 15-16
🏅39th – Kelsey Lema, Girls 11-12
🏅45th – Maeve Marino, Girls 13-14


💚Ayla Lafreniere, Girls 13-14
🤍Reis Folmar, Girls 14-15
💙Scarlett Petrarca, Girls 14-15
💚Sarah Hanson, Girls 16-17
🤍Aoife Murphy, Girls 21-23
💙Sarah Krein, Ladies O23

✨Additional Team Murray Stars✨

Honorable Mention: Abigail Proulx, Girls 14-15– one out of recall!
Ellie Cox, 13-14; Sebastian Lafreniere, 13-14; Katie Crowley, 16-17; and Olivia Faulkner, O23
Injured/Withdrew: Darla Waters, Girls 15-16