Class Descriptions

These are descriptions of class categories only. For descriptions of competitive levels per the Feis Commission, see the rules listed in the syllabus of any New England feis.

School Year and Year-round Classes

For ages 3 ½ -5; A 45-minute, less structured class format, focusing on coordination, balance, dance skill development, and music recognition as building blocks to step dancing; teaches basic reel and jig steps; incorporates games to ensure fun!

For ages 5-11; An hour long class focusing on basic step dance skills, steps and technique for those new to Irish dancing. Reel, jig and slip jig soft shoe steps are taught in this first year.

Advanced Beginner
These classes are for students who have taken at least 1 year of Irish dance instruction from a certified teacher. Teaches more challenging light shoe steps and adds hard shoe steps to the mix.

Novice I
For students who have at least one year of hard shoe experience and/or have danced at feisanna and placed as an advanced beginner.

Novice II And Prizewinner
Includes Prizewinner and Champion levels; students who have completed at least one year of novice-level instruction and/or have placed in all light and hard shoe dances at feisanna as a first-year Novice. Prizewinner level includes dancers having placed 1st in all Novice dances; Championship level includes dancers having placed at least one first in all 4 dances in Prizewinner grade.
Murray Academy
Preliminary Champions must achieve 2 firsts to move to Open Championship level. Regardless of level, soloists compete at the Oireachtas and any other major championship only with teacher’s approval.

Moving Up
Students must not move up in level at feisanna or change primary dances or set dances in preliminary or open competitions without direct permission from Anne. Competition privileges may be suspended if a parent knowingly violates studio or NAFC rules.

Class Schedule
The schedule of classes for each session will be posted in our system and can be seen on our calendar. Classes will be held at our Exeter studio. Everyone in the registration database will be notified once on-line registration opens each year. For cost information on classes, register in the system if you have not done so already, then hold the cursor over the class that you are interested in and fees will appear.
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