2023 World Championships – Murray Academy Shines in Montreal!

Please join me in congratulating our students who represented us in Montreal this year at the World Championships. It was an amazing experience!

We are so very proud our 24 solo dancers and 3 teams who took the stage to represent #teammurray and the New England Region. Each one of them was a class act on and off stage, and we are still in awe of their determination, preparation and level of performance. Many had personal bests! It is always a pleasure to watch their dances come to life on the World stage, especially among such a crazy high standard of dancing. We are excited to see what their next accomplishments will be! 

A special congratulations goes out to Brielle Maguire for her diligence and hard work, and for bringing back a globe/podium placement to our school and the NE Region!  Such a difficult thing to achieve, and so great to have her be recognized in this way.


4th โ€“ Brielle Magure, Girls 11-12


๐Ÿ…8th โ€“ Maggie Krein, Ladies 19-20

๐Ÿ…9th โ€“ Sebastian LaFreniere, Boys 12-13

๐Ÿ…12th โ€“ Brigid Oโ€™Connor, Girls 17-18

๐Ÿ…4th โ€“ Minor Girls Ceili 11-13 (Delaney Guy, Abby Hayes, Brielle Maguire, Maeve Marino, Ellie Cox, Rowan Wong, Ayla La Freniere, Riley Helling, Kelsey Lema)

๐Ÿ…7th โ€“ Senior Girls Ceili 16-19 (Brigid O’Connor, Charlotte McDaniel, Tierney Folmar, Elaina Nasr, Colleen Bartel, Fiona Marino, Kassidy Hall, Grace Krueger, Sela Shanelaris)


๐Ÿ…10th โ€“ Junior Girls Ceili 13-16 (Scarlett Petrarca, Reis Folmar, Abby Proulx, Ava Krueger, Lauren LeFleur, Nora Bonner, Cailin Hurrie, Brooklyn Bray)

๐Ÿ…23rd โ€“ Sarah Krein, Senior Ladies

๐Ÿ…25th โ€“ Scarlett Petrarca, Girls 13-14

๐Ÿ…32nd โ€“ Chloe Bosma, Girls 14-15

๐Ÿ…36th โ€“ Fiona Marino, Girls 16-17

๐Ÿ…45th โ€“ Kelsey Lema, Girls 10-11

๐Ÿ…47th โ€“ Delaney Guy, Girls 11-12

โญ๏ธDAY 2 RECALL MEDALโญ๏ธ

๐Ÿ’šAyla Lafreniere, Girls 12-13

Please see the results summary here for all the highlights or choose “Read More” below to see videos and photos of our dancers in Montreal!

2022 New England Region Oireachtas – a “Champion”ship to remember for Murray Academy!!

Murray Academy’s NERO 2022 Champions

Congratulations to our 96 dancers who participated in the 2022 New England Region Oireactas in Hartford, CT! With 15 dancers in the top 5 of solo competitions, 8 dancers in the top 5 of Traditional Set, 13 teams on the podium and 25 World Qualifiers, this was our strongest showing in our 17-year history as a schooll!  More important than the competitive results, however, was the development and growth of the dancers throughout the course of preparation.  They worked very hard and became stronger and more resilient throughout the Fall.  We are very proud of all of them!  

Special congratulations goes to Brigid Oโ€™Connor, who won her 8thย Oireachtas championshipโ€”what an amazing track record.ย  We are so proud of her, and all ourย 1stย place winnersย this year, including

  • U9 Championshipโ€”Rowan Wong (x2)
  • U10 Championshipโ€”Kelsey Lema
  • U11 Championshipโ€”Brielle Maguire (x2)
  • U12 Championshipโ€”Abby Hayes
  • U13 Championshipโ€”Scarlett Petrarca (x3)
  • U17 Championshipโ€”Brigid Oโ€™Connor (x8)
  • U9 Traditional Setโ€”Aly Philbrick
  • U12 Girls Ceili Team Aโ€”Abby H, Brielle M, Delaney G, Maeve M, Ayla L, Riley H, Rowan W, Ellie C  
  • U15 Girls 6-Hand Team Aโ€”Andrea C, Ava K, Katie C, Sarah H, Sela S, Lauren L  
  • U12 Mixed 4-Hand Team A—Sebastian L, Brielle M, Abby H, Delaney G 
  • U15 and over Girls 4-Hand Team Cโ€”Brigid O, Elaina N, Tierney F, Charlotte M

What an amazing Oireachtas for the Murray Academy dancers!! We are so proud of each and every one who participated and represented Murray Academy so well, and are excited to see what the new year will bring for each of our dancers!  

Please see the results summary here for all the highlights, including the dancers who are now qualified to compete at the World Championships in Montreal this April

Murray Academy’s Return to 2022 North American Irish Dance Championship in Montreal marked with two champions!!

NAIDC 22 Podium
Murray Academy’s Podium Placers

Congratulations to our 42 dancers who traveled to Montreal to participate in the first North American Championships in three yearsโ€™ time!  We are incredibly proud of all our dancers, as they worked so hard to prepare and represented us so well. Our 10 new opens/first timers to this level of competition impressed us with their composure, many of whom were only 1-5 places out of recall. Overall, we had amazing results which only comes from teachers, trainers, parents and students all working together towards the same goalโ€”looking and dancing their best on the day!

HUGE congratulations goes to our winners, Brigid (U17B) and Brielle (U11B)โ€”it was thrilling to see each of them take the top of the podium! Special congratulations, also, to our two additional podium placers, Chloe Bosma (U14A) and Ava Krueger (U14B). Overall, we had 8 dancers in the top 10; 13 dancers qualified now for the 2023 World Championships (33%); and 30 dancers recalled (71%). 

To see our complete list of results, click here, and click on post title above to see complete post with photo gallery.

Excellence in Teaching Global Award

In July, our own Anne Murray MacRitchie, TCRG was selected as one of 23 recipients of the 2021 Excellence in Teaching, Global Award given by Irish Dancing Magazine. This award was created to honor extraordinary Irish dance teachers with qualities that reflect a standard of excellence that goes beyond competitive results.  Winners were chosen from hundreds of nomonations by dancers, parents, and industry professionals.

Our goal is to realize your child’s full potential, and to provide them with a wonderful and memorable experience.

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The skills taught in Irish dance prove to be invaluable many years later for so many involved.

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Whether it is for sport, exercise, or family tradition, our Murray dancers just love to move their feet!

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