Parents Group

Cara Rince
Cara Rince (pronounced “Kara Rink-ah”) is Gaelic. It means “Friend of the Dance”, and is the name of the parents’ booster group of the Murray Academy. Cara Rince supports programs and activities that directly benefit Murray dancers and the community at large. This important team of involved and committed parents works hard to fund merit awards to dancers attending the National, International and World championships, as well as to provide extra-curricular opportunities (i.e. workshops, school feis, St Patrick’s Day Potluck, Snow Ball, etc) in the interest of celebrating and promoting the culture and sport of Irish Step Dancing at all levels of participation and expertise.

Learn more about Cara Rince here
The Cara Rince website has useful information and links for those dancers who compete at local, regional, national and international feisanna and championships. You may download a “Feis Results Chart” to help track your placements – a completed chart is required by Anne and will be reviewed prior to dancers being given permission to move up a grade. The Cara Rince site also provides a helpful list of used dress websites as well as approved new dress sites.