New England Oireachtas 2009

Solo Placers
Molly Makem – 3rd place, Ladies Under 20 (World Qualifier)
Clare MacRitchie – 6th place, Girls Under 10 (World Qualifier)
Kim Carney – 7th place, Senior Ladies 21 and Over (World Qualifier)
Sadie Bucknam – 5th place, Girls Under 8
Violet Sullivan – 7th place, Girls Under 8
Laura Kenealy – 7th place, Girls Under 9 (NA Qualifier)
Rachel McCully – 11th place, Girls Under 9 (NA Qualifier)
Ella Campfield – 32nd place, Girls Under 11
Isabel Eisenhaure – 36th place, Girls Under 13
Angela Marie Conklin – 21st place, Girls Under 15 (NA Qualifier)
Ceara Sweetser – 28th place, Girls Under 15
Hannah Lewis – 34th place, Girls Under 15
Colleen Chaney – 35th place, Girls Under 15
Maddie Muench – 13th place, Girls Under 17 (NA Qualifier)
Jeanmarie Chaney – 28th place, Girls Under 17

Traditional Set Placers
Under 8 – Emily Varga- 5th place, Erin O’Kane – 30th place, Rowan Perkins – 38th place, Kaitlyn Mazur – 39th place
Under 9 – Caitlin McGonigle – 4th place, Emily Coombs – 9th place, Conall Hirsch – 12th place, Brynn Rankin – 13th place, Emma Condon – 29th place, Meghan Vanderwoude – 31st place, Harlan Turner – 36th place
Under 10 – Gabby DeSisto – 3rd place, Maddy DeSisto – 9th place, Olivia Mitchell – 16th place, Zoe Spearman – 19th place, Caroline Hinson – 36th place
Under 11 – Kate Babcock – 1st place (3 perfect scores!), Erin Ripley – 14th place, Steph Varga – 17th place, Katie Blonski – 23rd place
Under 12 – Jenny Mancini – 4th place, Caroline Strathern – 20th place, Kaitlyn Lawson – 25th place, Clara Hannigan – 38th place, Aubrey Harris – 40th place
Under 13 – Ariel Sullivan – 17th place
Under 15 – Elizabeth MacLean – 7th place

Team Placers
8 Hands
U9 – 2nd place – Caitlin McGonigle, Violet Sullivan, Brynn Rankin, Meghan Vanderwoude, Katie Ellis, Emily Varga, Emily Coombs and Sadie Bucknam
U9 – 7th place – Kira and Kaitlyn Mazur, Shelagh Coombs, Emma Condon, Maggie and Maeve Joyce, Erin O’Kane, Rowan Perkins
U12 – 11th place – Ella Campfield, Erin Kennedy, Rachel McCully, Clare MacRitchie, Kate Babcock, Jenny Mancini, Kaitlyn Lawson, Emma Henricks
U15 – 11th place – MaryKate and Colleen Chaney, Hannah Lewis, Angela Marie Conklin, Ceara Sweetser, Molly Fallon, Isabel Eisenhaure, Aubrey Harris

4 Hands
U9 Girls – 7th place – Emily Coombs, Caitlin McGonigle, Emily Varga, Katie Ellis
U9 Mixed – 3rd place – Violet Sullivan, Harlan Turner, Conall Hirsch, Sadie Bucknam
U12 Girls B – 7th place – Rachel McCully, Clare MacRitchie, Ella Campfield, Erin Kennedy
U12 Girls A – 17th place – Diana Breton, Gabby and Maddy DeSisto, Olivia Mitchell
U15 – 6th place – Ceara Sweetser, Angela Marie Conklin, Mary Kate and Colleen Chaney

North Americans 2009

Congratulations to all our dancers who competed in the North American Championships in Nashville, TN!

Including the following placers:
Clare MacRitchie – 14th, Girls Under 10 (World Qualifier)
Molly Makem – 26th, Ladies Under 20
Maddie Muench – 31st, Girls Under 17
Rachel McCully – 50th, Girls Under 9
Laura Kenealy – 63rd, Girls Under 9