Murray Academy Returns to New England Oireachtas! – Hartford, CT

The New England Regional Championships returned to Hartford after a pause for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 77 of our dancers attended.  We are very proud of all our talented dancers who worked so hard throughout the pandemic and took the stage both enthusiastically and well-prepared! Congratulations to each and every dancer who represented the Murray Academy at this event!

We are especially proud to have qualified a total of 24 girls to dance at the World Championships in Belfast next April.  Our dancers achieved a 91% recall rate for Open champions and a 64% recall rate for all soloists.  Within our recallers, 32% were in top 5; 55% in the Top 10; and 45% qualified for Worldsβ€”amazing!  And of our 18 traditional set dancers, we had 67% receive an award. Way to go team Murray! So very proud!!  


1st Brielle Maguire, U10 *
1st Scarlett Petrarca, U12* (two-time winner!)

To see our complete list of results, click here.